He does not speak but he feels deeply. He always wants to come see you and the other day when he was crying and upset, when he calmed down a bit he said, “I want to see Paige.” I can see when he comes to see you he is very present and engaged and receiving the information and lesson. I know he does not say anything but I just wanted you to know this.

From reading Anat’s book and seeing you work so carefully and slowly, I am getting a better picture of how compassion/softness is so powerful and so strong and can do what force or hardness can not. I am very touched by your effort and Danial’s connection to the work you do with him.
— Masooma | mother of a 10 year old with anxiety & selective mutism

After struggling with neck and shoulder pain for several weeks, I went to see Paige. Her thoughtful guidance and gentle movements relieved more stress and tension from my body than massage or acupuncture. The whole process felt very collaborative.

Paige helped me become more aware of the areas where I hold stress unneccesarily. She was able to help me have an awareness of my whole body and how I carry myself in terms I could understand and relate to. She provided me with practical movements I could use at home to help for a healthier posture and less tension. 
— Jessie | Neck & shoulder pain

I really found your group class very helpful with recovery from a broken leg.
— Marian | Skier who took my NeuroMovement for Posture class

Paige is a gifted practitioner, truly possessing a healing touch. I felt real and lasting difference in the chronic tension of my neck and shoulders. She was able to feel into the imbalances of my body and design a lesson which was uniquely suited to my needs. Plus she’s professional and very personable. I highly recommend working with Paige.
— Elizabeth | Neck & shoulder pain